Shingle Visualizer

Downloaded the Shingle Visualizer App available for FREE in iTunes for a visual before you buy or even call a roofing company! Find ease in deciding what styles, colors, and textures looks good on your home, right from your couch. Don’t create more work for yourself in deciding how your roof will look when matched with a roofing shingle.

With a simple slide of your mouse, you can watch as our sample roof seamlessly switches from Art-Loc® diamond-shaped roofing shingles, to StormMaster® Slate, to StormMaster® Shake, all the way to Pinnacle® Pristine roofing shingles. After deciding which roofing shingles to feature on your home, the shingle color selector will assist in your color selection. Upload a photo of your home and test out your desired shingle(s) before purchase.

Let Sherriff-Goslin assist in making your vision a reality by calling our Muncie, IN branch for a FREE inspection and FREE quote today!